BoQs, Applications for Payment and other nasties for archaeologists

Organiser(s); Mark Roberts (Glasgow Museums).

Archaeologists need to master many skills to undertake their work, and one of the important ones for those who move into project management and on – site management is an understanding of contracts. Commonly archaeologists are lumped into a construction industry ‘contractor’ category of contract and while this is not to be avoided a basic understanding of how to get your hard earned cash is vital.

This short session aims to inform how the common type of contract is drawn up. How it might be administered, and how they differ – like archaeological sites no two contracts are the same! Recent ICE and NEC contracts will be mentioned, and a sample Bill of Quantities examined. The final section of the workshop will examine how the monthly report and application for payment works with the aim of achieving the aspiration of rapid and painless payment.

The session will introduce you to the key concepts and issues surrounding contracts, and will highlight where to go to find out more. You will have worked through contracts from issue to payment, and will have a good grounding in how to cope with BoQs, applications for payment and other nasties of archaeological project management.

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