CIfA2016 Conference - video recordings

Wednesday 20 April 2016

The future of community archaeology

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The archaeological resource in context: national approaches in a changing climate

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The skills gap: training for competence in archaeology

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Thursday 21 April 2016

Across the Atlantic: professionalism in archaeology over here and over there

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Adopting archaeology

Archaeology Scotland’s adopt-a-monument scheme – twenty-something years of community led stewardship
Creating an archaeological community – the Greater Manchester legacy
A Friends’ Group: Impact on participants and sustainability
Enriching the list: crowdsourcing, public engagement and protected heritage
Stewarding Scotland’s coastal heritage at risk

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?

Remodelling the market: improving professional practice, understanding value and risk
On the right road from the start
What is a Professional? the view from the ground
The Building Cost Information Service and its applicability to commercial archaeology

Archaeology within the context of criminal justice: from forensics to heritage crime

The application of structure-from-motion as a documentation tool in forensic archaeology and beyond
Cloud atlas case: how 17th century actions led to a conviction in the 21st century

The archaeology of brewing

Ancient ales and extreme beverages: an interview with Patrick E. McGovern
Beer as social phenomenon
Old and new brews: the archaeology of brewing in a New Zealand sociohistorical context
The Old Brewery
A manifesto for the archaeology of brewing?

Friday 22 April 2016

The information archaeologist: learning skills from context

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Chartered Archaeologist Q&A

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Archaeology in schools: promoting archaeology as a key learning tool within the national curricula

The outdoor classroom: using the historic environment for interdisciplinary learning
Giving teachers the tools to engage with archaeology at Durham University
Archaeology and Classics in the community
Teachers and archaeologists working together
Danebury and the Andover Museum of the Iron Age: the impact of the new national curriculum
Bronze Age fancy footwork : Archaeology, schools & Bristol Museums
View from the coalface

Application of landscape survey techniques

Landscape archaeology in the recent past, present and near future
The value of ‘informed’ rapid identification surveys in the assessment of the heritage impact
Towards a narrative-based analysis of landscape development

Archaeology, education and young people

Informal Education As A Means Of Social Integration
Diversifying The Future Of Community Archaeology: Ethnicity, Disability And Affluence
Achieving And Evidencing Social Impact In An Archaeology-Based Widening Participation Programme
Young Archaeologists Club: making a significant and positive impact on the lives of young people
What does archaeology have to offer (Today)? Archaeology, creativity and technology to empower