Directory of Accredited Professionals

The directory includes accredited professionals of the Chartered Institute who have given permission to include their details in line with GDPR. 

Entries are from live data and, although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the Institute shall not be liable for any errors or omissions.

The Institute will not be liable for any matter arising from the employment or engagement of any such individual. If you have any concerns about the professional conduct of an accredited member in relation to their archaeological practice, please see professional conduct page.

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Categories Hon MCIfA = Honorary Member, MCIfA = Member, ACIfA = Associate, PCIfA = Practitioner

Name Accreditation Member No Member Since Date Job Title Email Address
Miss Alice Amabilino ACIfA 9007 02/02/2017 Supervisor
Miss Gabriella Amos PCIfA 11197 02/07/2020 Heritage Consultant
Dr Linda Amos PCIfA 9357 31/08/2017 EU Researcher, KiTE -Kiel Training for E...
Ms Theodora Anastasiadou MCIfA 8039 27/03/2014 Archaeological Archives Specialist
Mrs Emma Anderson MCIfA 7575 05/02/2013 Archaeology Officer
Dr Sue Anderson MCIfA 816 11/10/1989 Freelance Post Excavation Specialist
Dr Mark Anderson MCIfA 2023 30/05/2000 Sociocultural Strategic Consultant, Anth...
Mr Ian Anderson ACIfA 9478 31/10/2017 Senior Archaeologist
Miss Laura Anderson PCIfA 11915 03/07/2021 Field Archaeologist
Miss Jennie Anderson MCIfA 7110 18/07/2011 Archaeological Illustrator and Reconstru...