CIfA Governance: Board of Directors and Advisory Council

The Institute is a democratic membership organisation and is governed by its Royal Charter and by-laws. The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the affairs of CIfA in accordance with the Charter, by-law and regulations, with the day to day running of CIfA carried out by the staff. The Advisory Council represents the interests of the membership and offer thoughtful and detailed advice to the Board of Directors on policy, strategy and potentially controversial decisions.

CIfA has a Conflict of interest policy and members of the Board of Directors and Advisory Council are asked, on an annual basis, to declare their interests, or the interests of an employer, associate, family member or close personal contact. These should include perceived as well as actual conflicts of interest. Details of conflicts of interest are kept on a central Register

The Board of Directors usually meets six times per year, and in addition Board members will be invited to attend meetings of the Advisory Council. Meeting minutes are available on the members section of the website.

The current Board members are:

  • Victoria Hunns (Chair)
  • Andrea Bradley (Treasurer)
  • Paul Belford
  • Stephen Carter
  • Steve Allen
  • Kirsten Holland
  • Paul Spoerry
  • Peter Hinton
  • Alex Llewellyn
  • Melanie Johnson
  • Deborah Seddon (Lay Director)
  • Jennifer Cooke (Lay Director)

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council has up to 40 members, 20 of which are elected by the membership and up to 20 filled by representatives from each individual special interest or area group.

Elected positions are for a three-year period with the option of standing for a further three-year term. Nominated representatives from Groups are for a one-year period. The Advisory Council usually meets three times a year (timings of these are to be decided) and will invite members of the Board of Directors to attend. Meeting minutes are available on the members section of the website.

The current Advisory Council members are:

Elected representatives

  • Andy Holland (Chair)
  • Kayt Hawkins
  • Roy King
  • Richard Oram
  • Stuart Prior
  • Dan Slatcher
  • Dave Start
  • Matt Parker Wooding
  • Cat Gibbs (Vice Chair)
  • Colin Forrestal
  • Rob Wiseman
  • Sadie Watson
  • Chris Clarke
  • Mark Anderson
  • Jim Brightman
  • Helen Parslow
    (4 vacancies)

Group representatives

  • Lucy Parker (Geophysics)
  • Hannah Cobb (Equality and Diversity)
  • Doug Rocks-Macqueen (Information Management)
  • Hannah Kennedy (GAG)
  • Paul Riccoboni (Diggers' Forum)
  • Alexandria Young (Forensic)
  • Peta Glew (Scottish Group)
  • Esther Robinson Wild (Buildings)
  • Peter Clark (International Practice)
  • Rowena Hart (Finds Group)
  • Steve Baker (Archives)
  • Daniel Jackson (Project Management)
  • Rebecca Enlander (New Generation)
  • Dave Bolton (London)
  • Andy Howard / Rebecca Nicholson (Research and Impact)
  • Toby Gane (Maritime Affairs)
  • Rob Hedge (Voluntary and Community)
  • Vacant (Wales/Cymru)

Co-opted representatives

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