CPD Diaries

We have asked members to provide an insight into their own CPD diaries, to share those experiences with others and give us all some ideas as to how we can fulfill our CPD requirements as members of the Institute. If you would like to contribute and share your experiences please get in touch with Lianne (lianne.birney [at] archaeologists.net).

We aim to include a new diary every few months, some providing a general view-point and others focusing on more specific questions. These will also be added to our ebulletin.


Alistair Galt attended CIfA2018 as the recipient of the Hal Dalwood memorial bursary

Our August contribution come from Alistair Galt who shares his experience of attending CIfA conference in April 2018 through the Hal Dalwood Bursary. To read Alistair's entry, just follow the link above.

Conference bursary recipient Edward Caswell reflects on the benefits of attending CIfA2018

Our April contribution come from Edward Casell who shares his experience of attending CIfA conference in April 2018. To read Edward's My CPD entry, just follow the link above

2015 to 2017

Cat Gibbs - Advisory Council: Diggers' Forum representative

This contribution comes from Cat Gibbs (Cat Gibbs PCIfA, Archaeologist at MOLA) who explains her experience of being the Diggers' Forum group representative on Advisory Council and how this is also CPD.

Katie Roper - My experience as the first Hal Dalwood Memorial bursary holder at CIfA2017

Our December contribution comes from Katie Roper (Katie Roper MA PCIfA, Community Archaeologist at AOC Archaeology) who explains how she found the CPD opportunities at the CIfA Conference in April 2017. To read Katie's My CPD entry, just follow the link above.

Alex Llewellyn - Free CPD that works around me. Sounds too good to be true?!

Our February contribution comes from Alex Llewellyn (Alex Llewellyn BSc MCIfA, Head of Governance and Finance at CIfA) who explains how she finds CPD opportunities that can work around a busy schedule. To read Alex's My CPD entry, just follow the link above.

Robby Copsey - Looking for CPD opportunites

Our July contribution comes from Robby Copsey (Robby Copsey BA MA PCIfA, Project Assistant at NPS Group) who explains how he approaches CPD.

Lianne Birney - CPD - What's that you say?

Our December contribution comes from Lianne Birney (Lianne Birney BA ACIfA, Membership Services Coordinator at CIfA) who explains how she discovered CPD and her approach, plus how it links to your PDP and why the CIfA CPD scheme really works.

Eleanor Digby - Work experience blog

Our July contribution comes from Eleanor Digby (Student) who has written a blog about her work experience week at the Museum of London.

Rachel Edwards - The CIfA CPD scheme is really helpful!

Our March contribution comes from Rachel Edwards (Rachel Edwards MA MA MCIfA, Self-employed working as Arboretum Archaeological Consultancy) who explains how the CIfA CPD scheme is really helpful and is not prescriptive about what counts as CPD, so as long as it fits in with your PDP.

2013 to 2014

George Luke - CPD for diggers

Our December contribution comes from George Luke (George Luke MA ACIfA, Self-employed field archaeologist seorasbheag [at] hotmail.co.uk ) who explains that being proactive and creating your own CPD is just as important as any training your employer may provide.

Andrea Bradley - What on earth can I do to make sure I’m up to date and developing my skills?

The first of our July contributions comes from Andrea Bradley (Andrea Bradley MA MIfA, Independent Consultant) who explains how to identify various training opportunities when your work is so varied.

Steve Allen - Well, what does CPD mean to me? Read more to find out!

The second of our July contributions comes from Steve Allen (Steve Allen BSc MIfA, Archaeological Wood Specialist, York Archaeological Trust) who explains how you can approach CPD in several ways, that his approach is essentially an opportunistic one and how this translates into practice.

Susan Hamilton - My most useful CPD tip? Read more to find out!

Our November contribution comes from Susan Hamilton (AIfA, Susan Hamilton AIfA, External Liaison Project Manager, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland) who explains how she differentiates between different types of CPD and how to maintain a good balance.

Tara-Jane Sutcliffe - You too can be a CPD aficionado!

Our October diary entry comes from CBA Community Archaeology Training Coordinator, Tara-Jane Sutcliffe, who manages the Community Archaeology Bursaries Project, a Heritage Lottery Funded programme of one-year work-based learning placements.

Chris Cox - My CPD Diary? Yes, of course, I’ll send it right away……

Our September contribution comes from Chris Cox (MIfA, Director, Air Photo Services Ltd) who discusses the value of keeping a CPD diary and how it has helped her come to value the contribution that constantly learning and updating your skills makes to your professional life. To read Chris' diary entry, just follow the link above.

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