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As part of the government’s new ‘trailblazer’ process, a group of organisations from across the sector are working together to design new apprenticeships for historic environment roles. Once approved, any organisation will be able to set up apprenticeships themselves based on the 'apprenticeship standards' being developed.

In June, the group is launching wider sector consultation on the Archaeological Specialist Level 7 apprenticeship. The consultation will launch at an event on the 6th June, in Birmingham - where the trailblazer group will provide further information on the apprenticeships in development and will include a Q&A. The consultation event on 6 June can be booked here:

The consultation for the Archaeological Specialist (Masters) Level 7 apprenticeship is now live and will run until 25 June 2018. The online survey is now live at:

An orientation document which provides background for the consultation and includes the standard which describes the apprenticeship on which we are consulting is available here

This is an opportunity for you to air any concerns about the apprenticeships we are developing, and comment on how they could be adapted or improved to better suit the skills needs of your organisation.

If you would like further information please contact anna.welch [at]

Professional development within Registered Organisations

CIfA produces a good practice guide for professional development for Registered Organisations (ROs) and others who employ archaeologists. You can find information on short courses and other training opportunities that may be useful. It includes a set of definitions to aid understanding, ideas for developing training and professional development plans for evaluating success, together with a list of resources. Our training toolkit can support early career development for archaeologists in your Registered Organisations or other business. CIfA approved employer training schemes are accepted by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme and trainees on them are eligible to apply to CSCS for a Trainee card on successful completion of the CITB Operatives level 'Health, safety and environment' test

FAME has a webpage dedicated to CPD for archaeological managers.

Training Toolkit
CIfA has developed a practice paper about training your staff and has some examples of Training plans. Click on the link to read more.

CIfA will accredit employer training schemes, fieldschools, courses and workshops that fit the criteria and where the learning outcomes are linked to National Occupational Standards The documents below outline the criteria for accreditation and how to link learning outcomes to National Occupational Standards.

CIfA accreditation of employer training schemes

CIfA accreditation of fieldschools

CIfA accreditation of CPD courses and workshops

Guide to linking learning outcomes to National Occupational Standards

If you would like further information please contact Anna at anna.welch [at]

If you would like to advertise training positions through CIfA you can find out more information on our jobs and training pages Registered organisations can do this for free.

Archaeology Training Forum Award – call for nominations

The Archaeology Training Forum celebrates excellent training programmes with an annual award presented during the CIfA Conference. The Archaeology Training Forum has been recognising excellence and innovation in training, learning and professional development since 2011 through its annual ATF Training Award. Judged by a panel of ATF members including representatives from CIfA, CBA, the national agencies and FAME, it is open to organisations and individuals in both the paid and voluntary sectors. The aim of the Award is to promote the importance and value of training to the discipline as a whole and a wide range of very diverse organisations have had their contribution to learning, training and professional development recognised.

The call for nominations for the 2018 award is now open, the nomination form can be found on the ATF website where you will also find more information on the work of the Forum or can be downloaded here

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