CIfA is a member of Protect.

Protect is a whistleblowing charity and aims to protect society by encouraging workplace whistleblowing.

Whistleblowing is where a worker raises a concern about wrongdoing, risk, or malpractice with someone in authority either internally or externally. That risk could threaten customers, colleagues, shareholders, the public, or the organisation’s own reputation.

Our membership to Protect gives CIfA members access to independent and confidential advice managed by qualified lawyers, as well as providing advice and access to training for organisations to ensure they have the appropriate procedures in place to allow staff to raise concerns.

Effective whistleblowing arrangements within organisations instil trust and confidence and gives staff the assurance they need to tell you about wrongdoing. A responsible attitude to whistleblowing helps you to promote a healthy workplace culture built on openness and accountability. Encouraging staff to raise any concern they may have about risk, malpractice or wrongdoing as early as possible, and responding appropriately are integral to achieving this.

Protect has provided some initial resources for individuals and organisations including


Case studies


Subject to sufficient interest, we are able to arrange training courses with Protect. These courses are designed to help organisations develop, embed and operate successful whistleblowing arrangements. They also provide senior management with a good understanding of whistleblowing and their role in driving an open and honest culture, where staff feel able to speak up, in turn helping your risk management and protecting your organisation and stakeholders.

If you would be interested in attending a training course, please contact admin [at] for more information.