What does public benefit from archaeology look like?

The are many ways in which public benefit can be delivered. Here are some examples

At the planning stage

  • Advocating for the incorporation of historic environment elements during masterplanning/design
  • Advising on the investigation, interpretation, or retention of historic fabric as part of a new development 



During the project - participation

  • Involve community groups, period or thematic research groups, metal detecting clubs, Young Archaeologists, local schools etc in research, fieldwork, finds or archive work
  • Dig for a day events for schools, community
  • Training programmes for local groups and volunteers
  • Digital participation 

During the project - communication

  • Site tours and/or open days
  • Community talks
  • Site blog, website, newspaper articles, podcasts
  • Site noticeboard with details of latest discoveries
  • Local exhibitions
  • Community newsletter

After the project - communication

  • Popular publications, leaflets, interpretation panels
  • Reconstruction drawings
  • Heritage trails
  • Web-based publication, open access
  • Facilitated access to archives



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