Memorandum of Understanding with the Register for Professional Archaeologist

In August 2017, CIfA's Board of Directors and the Register for Professional Archaeologist (RPA) formally signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). The MoU commits both organisations to the promotion of professionalism and ethical good practice in archaeology.

Each organisation will:

  • seek to strengthen its relationship with the other
  • consider working in partnership where corporate objectives and priorities coincide
  • take care not to compete with the other
  • respect the intellectual property of the other, and encourage third parties to do likewise
  • encourage all archaeologists to become accredited/registered by an appropriate professional association
  • seek to cooperate with the other on advocating for the benefits accredited archaeologists offer to industry, agencies, and to society
  • seek to promote the other’s events and services for members, where appropriate

At the date of the Memorandum the following areas have been identified for cooperation:

  • promoting accreditation/registration by the Register and CIfA
  • promoting each other’s events
  • sharing each other’s publications and resources on archaeological professionalism and ethics
  • exploring recognition of each other’s accreditations for the purposes of certifying or endorsing Continuing Professional Development (CPD)/CPE courses and field schools
  • exploring how being a RPA might contribute to the evidence base for accreditation by CIfA (including potentially for Chartered Archaeologist) and vice versa
  • promoting ethical training to universities and to practising archaeologists

Download the CIfA RPA Memorandum of Understanding (PDF file)