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19th September 2014

Following the announcement of the results of the Scottish independence referendum, IfA wishes to restate its position vis-à-vis national...

11th September 2014

Archaeology pay and training: Can the industry do more?

10th September 2014

English Heritage, working closely with a drafting group from the Historic Environment Forum (including representatives of IfA), has produced draft...

8th September 2014

The Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) is seeking a new Chair.

8th September 2014

Scottish Ministers are now looking to appoint a Chair and up to eleven Members to the Board of Historic Environment Scotland (HES). Information on...

28th August 2014

IfA responds to APABE consultation on sampling large burial grounds. Please read the response here

22nd August 2014
Collaborating for better research Wednesday 24 September, 10.00 - 16.30, University of Leicester

7th August 2014

English Heritage has published three draft ‘good practice advice notes’ see here, prepared with sector partners including IfA.

31st July 2014

IfA supports AS and A Level Archaeology and urges Ofqual not to consider withdrawing these qualifications in any further reform - read the IfA...

22nd July 2014

IfA’s Chief Executive, supporting representatives of many other organisations and interested individuals, has written to the Daily Telegraph...