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4th June 2015

Wednesday 8 July 2015 9.30am – 4pm

The Guildhall, Guildhall Lane, Leicester LE1 5FQ

2nd June 2015

A new RICS initiative investigating how widespread social and economic change over the next 15 years will impact upon the need to develop new...

18th May 2015

The Institute has been busy since the conference in Cardiff last month, responding to a variety of consultations including,

18th May 2015

The CIfA Client guide - launched in March 2015 - is aimed at anyone who needs to meet the requirements of legislation or policy that relate to...

12th May 2015

On 7th May, the UK National Commission for UNECO issued Policy Brief 17 – UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage:...

5th May 2015

The Welsh Heritage Bill is here! The long-awaited Heritage Bill will be introduced to the Welsh Assembly today - Tuesday 05 May.

13th April 2015

CIfA calls for safeguards for the historic environment if permitted development rights are to be extended to facilitate the groundwater monitoring...

10th April 2015

Historic England has published new Good Practice Advice on planning and the historic environment.

25th March 2015

CIfA comments on draft secondary legislation that will be introduced to implement the provisions of the Historic Environment Scotland Act 2014.

23rd March 2015

Historic Scotland and the Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee have produced a draft Archaeology Strategy for Scotland which is now available...