The future of Archaeological Archives AAG conference recordings

Videos for each presentation from the CIfA Archaeological Archives Group conference, The future of Archaeological Archives. The presentations, aimed at archive professionals, addressed key topics like the compatability of ethics and clarity in archival work. Featuring Katie Green, Claire Tsang, Lorraine Mepham, Duncan Brown, Helen Parslow, Victoria Sands and Sam Paul (28 September 2022).

Importance of being explicit: metadata for data reuse and preservation, presented by Katie Green

Anything but black and white: the data management of digital X-radiography, presented by Claire Tsang

Dealing with digital data - a contractor's view, presented by Lorraine Mepham

The future for archaeological archives programme, presented by Duncan Brown

Ethical considerations in archaeological archives, presented by Helen Parslow

Public engagement with our collections; what works best?, presented by Victoria Sands

Selection Toolkit: updates and attendee discussion, led by Sam Paul