CIfA statement about the dignity and respect for staff and others engaged in CIfA activities

CIfA’s Board of Directors recognises its duty of care to staff in their dealings with members and customers, and it expects respectful treatment of all members and others when engaging in CIfA activities.

The Board is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for staff, and for all others interacting in and with CIfA. All CIfA employees are entitled

  • to a workplace and interactions free from bullying, intimidation, harassment or victimisation
  • to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy
  • to experience no form of unlawful discrimination
  • to be valued for their skills and abilities

CIfA’s Board of Directors regards any incident of harassment or bullying against members of staff, or against anyone else in a CIfA forum or correspondence, as a serious matter. Those chairing meetings may ask anyone they consider to be behaving inappropriately to desist or leave a meeting. Board responses may include asking people to step down from voluntary roles, reporting them to relevant authorities and/or instigating formal employment and/or professional conduct procedures.