Innovation week lunchtime chat

Come to our regular gathering of CIfA members, combining the networking of live events with archaeological topics.


Comments on social media, such as during the Heritage Chat on Twitter, have highlighted how much people are missing the everyday networking opportunities which have been halted due to lockdown procedures. We know nothing can really beat the cross-organisational networking that happens in the break room, but we are trying to fill that gap.

Join us for our special innovation week lunchtime chat, a digital lunch break, from 12:00 until 12:45. Expand your social network from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are currently located, and perhaps chat with some people on Zoom other than your daily contacts! We will set up a series of break-out rooms for people to join and go from there.

CIfA staff will also be joining in on the conversations, so feel free to say hi! Please bear in mind: this is something new we are trying out. If you can think of ways to improve the process, let us know and we will see what we can do! This will be completely free with up to 100 spaces available.

Topics on tap

  • How can we mainstream the delivery of public benefit?
    There are established principles that  professions have a duty to work in the public interest and that the historic environment is a 'public good' that needs to be protected through planning (and other) policies and therefore it's investigation through archaeology is carried out in the public interest. Several archaeological organisations also hold charitable status with objectives that centre on the importance of public benefit. So, are archaeologists ever NOT delivering public benefit? This chat room will be hosted by CIfA’s Kate Geary and will explore what CIfA members are doing to mainstream the delivery of public benefit, which is implicitly at the heart of the work we all do. 

  • Looking to the future - where is innovation needed?
    Join our discussion and bring your thoughts and ideas to explore areas where innovation may be needed, what these innovations could look like and the future of the archaeological practice across the historic environment sector.


We hope to keep the rules fairly minimal, but will add to ensure people have a safe and fun time:

  1. Be kind: this is a place for socialisation, not isolation
  2. Share the air: let others speak, try to avoid dominating the conversation
  3. If something isn’t working tell staff

Additional info

Sadly we are unable to cater for any individual lunch preferences so please bring your own.

This meeting will take place on Zoom; the link for the meeting will be sent out the hour before the meeting starts.


Future lunch break topics

If you have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas for topics that you think would make interesting discussions for future lunch breaks, we'd love to hear from you! Please click here to send us your thoughts or suggestions.

January 25th, 2021 12:00 PM   to   12:45 PM