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At the launch of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists in December 2014, we announced our intention to start consulting members and the sector on the desirability of amending the Charter in future to allow us to confer Chartered status on individual members. Since then, we have held a series of workshops in 2016, held a formal consultation and have debated framework proposals with our Advisory Council.

Views expressed have been many and varied but a number of key principles emerged which informed the development of a high level framework for the design of a Chartered Archaeologist standard. The Proposal for the assessment of a Chartered Archaeologist grade can be downloaded here.

This was discussed at the CIfA AGM in 2017, where members approved further development and consultation. Depending on the progress of this next stage, a proposed amendment to the Charter and supporting regulations may be brought to the 2018 AGM.

FAQs have been produced to try to answer points raised so far and these will be updated as more queries are recieved.


Consultation on draft criteria for the assessment of professional competence

We are pleased to launch the next stage of formal consultation on criteria for the assessment of professional competence for the proposed Chartered Archaeologist grade.

This framework will provide the basis for the petition to the Privy Council, but will need to be supported by guidance developed at a later stage.

We are inviting responses to the following questions:

Is this a useful way to set-out the criteria for assessment of professional competence? Is it clear and easy to understand?
Are these the right criteria? Are there any significant gaps? Are there criteria in here that aren’t appropriate?
Is the wording sufficiently generic to apply to all branches of the profession? Are there areas of the profession which might inadvertently be excluded?

You can download the framework proposal here.

The consultation will run until 24 June.

Additionally, we will be consulting and discussing with members and stakeholders throughout 2018 and you can get involved by

  • responding to regular online surveys
  • sending feedback through Special Interest and Area Groups
  • participating in focus group discussions (TBA later in 2018)
  • joining online debates
  • responding to formal written consultations

You can join the conversation at any point by


Read our discussion paper 'Why Individual Chartership' (April 2018) here.

You can read a discussion report summarising the results of the workshops here

For further discussions about Chartered Archaeologist status, click on the following links

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  • Chartered Archaeologist: accrediting competence on a global scale? - CIfA Conference, Newcastle 2017

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