Information for training providers

Whether you are a full time training provider or run the occasional course CIfA can accredit fieldschools, courses and workshops that fit the criteria and where the learning outcomes are linked to National Occupational Standards The documents below outline the criteria for accreditation and how to link learning outcomes to National Occupational Standards.

CIfA accreditation of fieldschools
CIfA accreditation of CPD courses and workshops
Guide to linking learning outcomes to National Occupational Standards

If you would like further information please contact Anna at anna.welch [at]

Advertising your courses with CIfA

The Jobs Information Service & Training (JIST) is the most comprehensive source of information about work and training opportunities in archaeology and related disciplines. It is available to CIfA members, free of charge and non-members or Institutions, for a fee. It is a weekly jobs bulletin that includes adverts placed directly by employers and all archaeological, heritage, research and training opportunities that appear in the national press and specialist journals during that week.

Further information on how to advertise with JIST can be found here

Apprenticeships and NVQs

Successful NVQ candidates

Historic England is leading the development of apprenticeships in Historic Environment practice. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a training provider for theses please see their page or contact Liz Long, their Heritage Apprenticeships Programme manager at liz.long [at]

An NVQ3 in Archaeological Practice was developed by CIfA the and is available through CIfA to everyone working in archaeology, on a paid or a voluntary basis, or anyone seeking to develop a career in archaeology who can gather appropriate evidence and helps to demonstrate that they have particular set of skills, competencies or experience which will be of benefit when applying for jobs, promotion or CIfA accredited membership at Practitioner grade. You can see two successful NVQ3 candidates talking about the scheme here and here For more information about NVQs contact Lianne at lianne.birney [at]

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