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Student and Affiliate grade - applying online

You can now apply for Student or Affiliate membership of IfA online in one easy step.

There are a wide range of benefits to being a Student or Affiliate member. You have access to all of our publications, can subscribe to The Historic Environement journal at a reduced cost, attend conference at special rates and have access to a range of discounts on goods and publications. For full details of our benefits please see the membership benefits page

What’s different about these grades?

There is one difference however. Student and Affiliate grades are ‘non-Corporate’ which means that they are not a professional accreditation in the same way that the Corporate (PIfA, AIfA or MIfA) grades are. We therefore do not assess your technical competence and, as a result, your name will not be included in the annual yearbook.

We also don’t expect non-Corporate members to adhere to the Code of conduct (but we do expect you to support it and work towards adhering to it). Therefore don’t take up references for this grade, so there is no longer any wait. As a result, joining at these grades is much simpler and quicker than applying at a Corporate grade, which means you can apply and pay online in one easy step.

How to apply online

You can apply to join, and pay your subscription fee for the remainder of the current financial year, at the same time using the PayPal link below. A PayPal account is not necessary, you can pay by credit or debit card and fill in your details manually.

  1. Choose the correct subscription option below

    • If you are a Student enrolled on an appropriate course, select one of the student options
    • If you are not a student, don’t qualify for Corporate membership, but wish to join as a supporter of the Institute, select one of the Affiliate options. You will also need to pay a £5 application fee for Affiliate membership
  2. Choose whether or not you wish to receive the Journal this adds an additional £24 to your subscription payment at the start of the year.

  3. Fill in your details in the boxes below and click ‘pay now’.
  4. Either log in to your PayPal account, or complete your card details
  5. We will send you a confirmation letter once your application has been processed, and check that your details are up-to-date

If you need to pay by cheque it may be easier for you to send a paper form by post. Please go to the individual membership page for details.

Subscription options

The payments below cover a full year subscription 1 April 2014 - 31 March 2015.

Subscription choices
Applicant name
Email address

Institute for Archaeologists
Miller Building
University of Reading

Reading RG6 6AB

0118 378 6446