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CIfA's Scottish group represents the interests of Scotland, and those working in Scotland to CIfA council and informs the CIfA's work in this area.

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AGM Event 2015

Learning outcomes for the Metal Detecting Survey CPD at the Kings Knott

This training day is aimed at students and those in the early stages of their archaeological career (but anyone with an interest in how to run a survey is welcome), and should give an understanding of the basic principles involved in setting up, conducting and following up a metal detecting survey using volunteers.
The following topics will be covered:

Planning the survey

  • Obtaining permissions and formal consents; who should be informed
  • Risk assessments
  • Arriving at the most useful survey design and grid layout
  • Considering finds collection and disposal strategies

Conducting the survey

  • Understanding how metal detecting works and its strengths and weaknesses
  • Working with volunteers and keeping the survey on a methodical basis
  • Recovering finds by keyhole excavation
  • Recording finds and working with specialists on hand to identify material and object types

Post-survey analysis

  • Assessing finds for conservation needs
  • Declaring finds to Treasure Trove
  • Reporting the results of the work (DSR, DES) and wider dissemination
  • Involving volunteers in the post-survey tasks

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