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We represent the interests of London’s historic environment, and those who study and care for it.

We have a deep understanding of London’s historic environment, and the nature of heritage in this area.

The role of the CIfA London Group is

  • to make CIfA’s services relevant to London-based members
  • to act as a focus for CIfA members interested in, or working in, London
  • to promote London archaeology positively within the structure of our profession
  • to ensure that the needs of London’s archaeology are fully integrated into CIfA activities
  • to advise Council and staff in the provision of direct support for London archaeologists’ needs
  • to work with other London-based groups and publications for the greater benefit of all stakeholders


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  • events – seminars, meetings and workshops on a variety of relevant topics, at a variety of venues
  • training – short courses focusing on the complexities of urban archaeology
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The Committee

Duncan Hawkins, Hon. Chair
Dave Bolton, Hon. Secretary
Catherine Cavanagh, Hon. Treasurer

Ordinary committee members

Nick Bateman
Victoria Donnelly
Guy Hunt
Sofie Jackson
Christina Reade
Michael Tierney

Forthcoming events


C ‘Peasy’ D SERIES – London Archaeologists 2017/2018

What is the ‘C Peasy D’ Series?: Enjoy half an hour of informative and educational presentations with half an hour to discuss the topic and put your questions to industry leading experts.

Why attend:
• Learn about topics that directly influence archaeology in London but that fall outside of the usual training regimes for most units. Get informed about how and why things are done the way they are.
• Get an official CIfA certificate for 1 hour of CPD.
• Meet fellow archaeologists working in other London units. A chance to meet up and chat in a convivial place.
• Expand your horizons – for anyone working in London archaeology, CIfA members and non-members.

Topics are designed to be of particular interest to archaeologists in the PCIfA and ACIfA grades looking to gain some wider knowledge about commercial archaeology in London. People of all levels are urged to attend and contribute to the discussion.

November 15th 2017 - Beyond the record shot: archaeological photos with purpose with Jürgen van Wessel

Location: Upstairs Room, the Horseshoe Pub, 24 Clerkenwell Close, London EC1R 0AG.

Book here:

• Photography is a cornerstone of our day-to-day work as archaeologists. In order to preserve our heritage by record, we take many carefully prescribed photos to capture appearance, condition, relationships and context. The industry is pivoting towards a new mantra – investigation with purpose. This aims to take a more holistic approach to ensure that all investigations provide tangible knowledge and other benefits.
• This session will offer an opportunity to take a broader view on archaeological photography and how it can contribute to these aims. Are we getting the most out of the photos we currently take? Are we constrained by what we think a photo can do? How can we better document the process of doing archaeology and how can this be used to the benefit of our work and our discipline?

Jürgen’s talk will be followed by questions and discussion from the floor, the session will last approximately 1 hour.

(The London Group is still actively seeking an 'accessible' venue. If anyone has any suggestions, please email groups [at] - subject Accessible London venues)

Past events

  • October 4th 2017, 5.30pm - London's Prehistory with Jon Cotton

  • Wed 27 September 2017, 5.30pm - Kings Cross Central: heritage regeneration in action Walking tour

  • London Area Group AGM and Debate "the crisis of upcoming work" : Wednesday 13th September 2017

  • Wednesday 24th May 2017 – Environmental Samples; When, why, and how to take them. With Sylvia Warman (Historic England Science Advisor for London)

  • A joint event by the London Branches of IHBC and CIfA. HELP! Getting the Historic Environment into Local Plans - and the London Plan. 28th February 2017.

  • The future for London's archaeology - 14 September. A CIfA London Group debate and discussion,

  • For the Record: How research, recording and chance discoveries can enrich our understanding of London’s past was held in January 2016. A joint event by the London branch of IHBC and the CIfA London Group. flyer

  • Going underground; the impact of basement construction on the historic environment was held in November 2014 collaboration with IHBC London. Going underground

  • Workshop: Selection Strategies for Archive Deposition

  • Infrastructure and the Historic Environment London has been the focus of both Government and private enterprise spending on Infrastructure for a number of years, and this looks set to continue.

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