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IfA and pay

IfA has a vital role to play in improving and maintaining standards of archaeological work, and in enhancing the status of archaeologists. We believe that inadequate pay and conditions undermines the work we do in these areas and we are keen to ensure that the issue of pay is proactively addressed by the whole sector.

IfA policy statement on pay in archaeology

  • IfA believes that the problem of low pay has the potential to critically impact professional standards and is one which the industry must take collective ownership of and accept collective responsibility for solving

  • IfA has a legitimate interest in ensuring that archaeological employers are able to recruit, retain, motivate and develop appropriately competent archaeological staff

  • IfA believes that remuneration is one of the factors that will assist employers to do so

  • Other archaeological bodies have equally legitimate interests in improving pay and conditions, and should be encouraged to work with IfA; some other bodies have more levers at their disposal to effect improvements in pay than IfA does and should be encouraged and assisted by IfA to fulfil their responsibilities

Minimum salary recommendations

IfA Council maintains that the salary minima have played and could continue to play a role in preventing cuts to pay. IfA will therefore continue to make minimum salary recommendations as guidance and as a benchmark that members and Registered Organisations must endeavor to meet or exceed. You can see the current recommendations at

Working with others

Roles of organsiations

The role of professional institutes like IfA is to set ethical codes and set standards - these are the things that lie at the core of professionalism and are vital for our recognition as equals to the disciplines we work alongside (such as architects and engineers). The illustration helps identify the different roles organisations have in these discussions. Pay - and other employment benefits - are issues traditionally linked to the work of trade unions, staff associations and employer bodies, rather than professional institutes. However, we recognise that we have an important role to play in encouraging active engagement with these issues by other bodies.

You can find links below to more information about pay and the work IfA is currently doing ensure the work archaeologists do is seen as valuable. Our illustration should help you understand what our role is, and how that relates to other types of organisation.

IfA continues to work with closely with FAME and Prospect and the three organisations have issued a statement (see below), which outlines their common support for improving pay for archaeologists. We have also provided our own action plan (see below) in support of this statement, which provides details of the things we intend to do to address this issue.

A key commitment made by all three parties is that an industry group will be set up to facilitate the ongoing discussion of pay and conditions. IfA will support that group to the best of its abilities.

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