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Organisational registration

Registered Organisations have demonstrated the requisite skills to

  • Provide informed and reliable advice
  • Execute schemes of work appropriate to the circumstances, minimising uncertainty, delay and cost
  • Subscribe to codes of professional conduct and practice

CIfA’s Registered Organisation scheme is a unique quality assurance scheme; there is no equivalent in the historic environment. It is a ‘kite mark’ of commitment to professional standards and competence. Registering your organisation

  • allows you to be explicit about the quality of your work
  • provides users of your services with a benchmark against which the quality of your organisation may be judged
  • highlights your contribution to the protection of the historic environment
  • involves monitoring your organisation’s compliance with CIfA regulations every two years
  • builds on the success of your individual CIfA membership
  • is open to you regardless of the type of historic environment work you do or the size of your organisation

What are the benefits?

Registering your commercial organisation demonstrates that you have the skills to provide informed and reliable advice, execute schemes of work appropriate to the circumstances, minimising uncertainty, delay and cost and subscribe to codes of professional conduct and practice. CIfA actively promotes Registered Organisations to potential clients. Therefore CIfA strongly recommends registration for quality conscious organisations.

Registering a curatorial organisation ensures and demonstrates a commitment to quality service and professional standards. It can help ensure a continuity of service provision and add additional ‘weight’ for officers when appearing at Public Inquiries.

Registering an educational organisation allows improved access to, and a more central position within the wider profession. Registration helps institutions stay aware of developments within the historic environment, strengthens links between the academic and commercial worlds and demonstrates commitment to professional standards. Access to employers across the sector is also a strong selling point with potential students.

Registered Organisations receive an annual registration certificate. It can refer to itself as an CIfA-registered organisation or Registered as an organisation with the Institute for Archaeologists. CIfA’s register is also published annually in the CIfA Yearbook (Click here to search for registered organisations). Registered organisations may use a logo which includes the phrase ‘registered organisation’ on their notepaper and promotional materials (shown on this page).

Registered organisations receive free publicity material about the benefits of using registered organisations for distribution to clients. They also receive one library copy of all CIfA mailings normally distributed to CIfA members.

How do we register?

Any historic environment organisation may apply. You must pass the following resolution

All [archaeological/historic environment] work of [the organisation] shall be carried out in accordance with the Code of conduct, the Charter, by-law and regulations of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists”

Registration is based on the identification of a Responsible Post-holder within the organisation. This person is defined as holding

a position within the management structure of an organisation which represents the highest level of specifically archaeological responsibility, whether or not any other archaeological posts are subordinate to that position”

The Responsible Post-holder must be a Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (MCIfA) and so must join at MCIfA grade before you can apply for registration. To do this, please download an individual membership application. There is an initial application fee (currently £300) for the registration of your organisation. If your organisation is accepted, you will pay an annual fee based on the financial turnover of your historic environment operations.

Special offer! Organisations whose role is exclusively either as a Higher Education Institute or curatorial authority will be charged at the lowest subscription rate.

To receive an application pack telephone 0118 378 6446, contact or download the following documents. If you have difficulty opening PDF documents you may need to update your adobe reader.

Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
Miller Building, University of Reading
Reading, Berkshire RG6 6AB

0118 378 6446