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Reports and documents on professional archaeology

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For information on the Profiling the Profession projects please see the Profiling the Profession page.

Further IfA documents on professional archaeology

  • 2013 CPD and scoping for the marine historic environment in Scotland Wessex Archaeology Coastal and Marine have released a report into CPD and training provision for the marine historic environment in Scotland. This scoping exercise explored what the heritage sector, including government employees, Local Authority Archaeology Services, professional units, university departments, and individual researchers need to know; availability of relevant training; and gaps in provision; together with options for cost-effective delivery. The exercise also explored what could be done to raise awareness about consideration for marine heritage across industry and other marine management sectors.

Author: Wessex Archaeology Coastal & Marine
Publication date: 2013
Published by: Unpublished project report by Wessex Archaeology for IfA on behalf of Historic Scotland

  • 2004 Measuring the social contribution of the historic environment. Setting the historic environment and social policy background, this report details how with input from experts in other sectors (eg economists, anthropologists and social psychologists) one of a number of potential conceptual models was developed for ways in which awareness of the historic environment might promote social capital and thence a range of social benefits. The National Trust commissioned the Institute of Field Archaeologists (the professional body for archaeologists), working with Atkins Heritage (a specialist team of archaeologists working alongside architects, landscape and planning professionals in Europe’s largest consultancy), to undertake the first stage of a research project.

Author: IFA and Atkins heritage
Publication date: 2004
Published by: Unpublished project report for the National trust, by IFA and Atkins Heritage

  • 2000 Survey of Archaeological Specialists. A postal survey of the providers and users of archaeological specialist services. The project was commissioned by the Institute of Field Archaeologists and was jointly sponsored by Museum of London Specialist Services and English Heritage (Archaeology Division) - now held at the ADS.

Author: Kenneth Aitchison (Landward Archaeology)
Publication date: 2000 Published by: Institute of Field Archaeologists

  • 1999 Statement Of Practice In Comparable Professions (pdf file). A report on the structure of careers, progression and training in selected professions drawing comparisons with, and lessons for, archaeology. Commissioned by English Heritage on behalf of the Archaeology Training Forum.

Author: John Stevens Associates
Publication date: 1999
Published by: Institute of Field Archaeologists
(Historical Document)

Author: IFA
Publication date: 1999
Published by: Institute of Field Archaeologists
(Historical Document)

IfA Yearbook

  • 2008 Yearbook ‘Working for the Past’ £5
  • 2007 Yearbook, ‘Visualising the Past’ £5
  • 2006 Yearbook, ‘Sharing the Past’ £5
  • 2005 Yearbook, ‘Discovering the Past’ £5
  • 2004 Yearbook, ‘Protecting our Past’ £5

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