Subscription fees 2022/23

Subscriptions paid by Direct Debit are paid in 10 instalments starting in June. New members joining partway through the financial year will pay their first instalment the first month after they have returned their forms.

The instalment payment amount is in brackets under the full amount.


Member grade Total subscription (with Journal) Total subscription (without Journal)
Student £65.00
(£38.90 then £2.90/inst)
Affiliate £102.00
(£42.60 then £6.60/inst)
Accredited member Please see below for details on concessionary rates available
PCIfA* £181.00
(£50.50 then £14.50/inst)
ACIfA* £234.00
(£55.80 then £19.80/inst)
MCIfA* £286.00
(£61.00 then £25.00/inst)
MCIfA Upper £33,100 and up £326.00
(£65.00 then £29.00/inst)
Retired £102.00
(£42.60 then £6.60/inst)


*Concessionary rates are available to accredited members earning less than the minimum salary for their grade. Accredited members earning less than £10,000 or are unemployed can also claim a concessionary rate. Any members can move to the ‘Retired’ category by confirming their employment status with the HMRC is declared as retired and their tax code has been altered accordingly


CIfA subscription fees are tax deductible for UK tax payers

Claiming tax back on your CIfA subscription fees