How to re-join

If you have previously been accredited (PCIfA, ACIfA, MCIfA) and your membership lapsed you can re-apply to the same grade.

Please complete the Re-joiners application form and provide an up to date CV along with any new qualification certificates.

For ACIfA and MCIfA grades we also need a CPD log and PDP from the last two years and a list of publications or other work.

Please ensure that your CV includes details about your current job role and responsibilities. This is so we can ensure you still demonstrate the criteria of the grade you left at.

If you were previously a Student (and still are) or Affiliate, please complete and pay for a new application online here and we will match up your record.

Further information
There is no application fee to rejoin, but once your application has been accepted, you will be asked to pay the subscription fee.

If you would like to reapply at a higher grade you can re-join first and then upgrade or you can apply as a new member. The only difference is the application fee is less to upgrade and there is no fee to rejoin.

Provided that you became a member of the Institute after 1986 and that there has not been a significant number of years since your membership lapsed, you can be reinstated at the grade you left at. If it is not clear that you still demonstrate the criteria in the competence matrix at the relevant grade, we might ask you for some more information to assist, for example a job description or other supporting documents.