One of the most important functions CIfA fulfils is self-regulation for the profession. The practice of archaeology is not regulated by Government. As a result, the onus is upon us as a profession to regulate ourselves to ensure that all work is consistently done to the standard that it should be.

Professional people in any walk of life do this is by joining an organisation that decides democratically how the profession should be regulated. Members of these organisations also sign up to Codes of conduct and practice to ensure that they work to the necessary standards. If enough people join an organisation of this nature the profession becomes self-regulated.

CIfA is an organisation that can fulfil this role. While there may be individual benefits to joining CIfA, the biggest benefit of all is the effect your membership and you as an individual can have on your profession. The more people who join us, the stronger we become, and the more power we have to influence decision makers.

In this way we can make sure that only ethical and competent professionals undertake archaeological work, that the public get the maximum benefit from such work, and recognised professionals get the rewards they deserve.

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