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Our exciting scheme provides structured resources to support Student and Affiliate members to upgrade their membership to Practitioner and to support career entrants in gaining Practitioner-level membership. The key documents to help you to do this are below along with the application documents for when you are ready to complete your application.

You should find all you need below but if you have any queries please contact lianne.birney [at]

Key documents

1. Introduction

2. Why upgrade

3. Choosing your grade

4. Writing your statement of competence

5. FAQs

Application documents

Don't forget you can apply for PCIfA at any time and DO NOT need to wait for an application deadline.

Application guide (Revised March 2017)

Application form (Professional accreditation)

Template statement of competence

Other useful documents

Diggers specialist competence matrix

BAJR guide 47: A guide for early career field archaeologists applying for PCIfA membership

CIfA has recently introduced a series of specialist competence matrices that are tailored to specific areas. These are to assist applicants in identifying what information they should supply to the Validation committee to demonstrate competence at the relevant membership grade. Please click here to see the full list.

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