Online Upgrading Accredited applications

How to apply online - upgrading applicants

You MUST READ the Application Guide and the page below before you apply to help you to complete the sections and documentation required.

If you have any further queries please email membership [at]

In the online form you will need to complete the boxes or upload the documents required. Each section is explained below.
Please make sure you have your card ready if you are paying the application fee by PayPal.
If you prefer to email the documents to membership [at] you can, but you will still need to complete your personal and referee details and select how to pay the application fee in the online form.

1. Personal details and references

Please complete your name and address in the online form and provide two referees contact details, one must be from your current employer.
If you have completed reference forms you can upload these in the same section.

2. Education and/or Employed or Voluntary work (Statement of competence and list of publications)

Please complete the empty boxes or upload a completed statement of competence template.
You must complete this section or attach the completed template, a CV alone will not be accepted (see below).

This should list your education and job roles individually and explain how these relate to the competence matrix (see Application Guide and specialist competence matrices).

You need to upload your certificates here too (if you have any).

List your publications here as well (at least the last 5 years) - For PCIfA, you do not need to have any publications to apply.

3. Examples of work

At least three at ACIfA and five at MCIfA, we encourage PCIfA applicants to submit any work they may have done. If your job role does not provide a lot of written work, you can still apply based on your statement and references (see Application Guide).
You can upload your documents or, if they are larger than 6MB each, please use a file sharing service like We Transfer, Google Docs, or Dropbox or post a disc or USB stick and send to membership [at] (The committee prefer digital copies where possible).

If you have any additional supporting documents please upload them here. For example CVs and job descriptions are accepted as additional supporting evidence but you must include a Statement of competence.

4. PDP/CPD log

For upgrading members from PCIfA or ACIfA - a PDP and CPD record from the last two years. Professionally Accredited members of CIfA (Practitioners, Associates and Members) have to undertake at least 50 hours of CPD over a two year period. For more information about CPD click here. If you are a Student or Affiliate member please provide what you can.

5. Application fee payment and declaration

You can pay for the application fee via PayPal, without an account, or via Invoice. If this is your employer, please ensure they have agreed to pay before selecting this option.
The application fee is for administration and assessment of your application and not for the full year's subscription. Just select the way to pay from the list and have your card ready if needed.

Thank you for applying to upgrade. We will confirm we have received your application and be in touch if we need any further information.

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