Views sought on draft good practice advice to underpin National Planning Practice Guidance

English Heritage has published three draft ‘good practice advice notes’ (, prepared with sector partners including IfA. They are designed for use by local planning authorities, planning applicants and heritage professionals, and advise on implementing historic environment policy in the National Planning Policy Framework and the related guidance given in the Planning Practice Guidance.

IfA welcomes publication of these consultation drafts, and is pleased that note 2 on development management in particular provides robust and clear advice on the management of archaeological interest, and recognises of the importance of IfA standards in ensuring appropriate decisions, and public benefit from investigations. IfA has some concerns about wording that could prove problematic at inquiry, (eg limited harm), and will continue to ask for stronger guidance to LPAs on sourcing expert advice: it will also seek to ensure a clearer explanation of how to use the model conditions covering archaeological work. We will be responding to the consultation on these and other points, but would like advice from our members in formulating that response by 4 August 2014. IfA also encourages its members to raise issues directly through their own responses.