Synthetic Study of Human Migration as Understood from a Long-Term Perspective

SAA and EAA are sponsoring a new research initiative, Synthetic Study of Human Migration as Understood from a Long-Term Perspective, that is organized by the Coalition for Archaeological Synthesis (CfAS). CfAS is seeking researchers (based in the US or internationally) in archaeology and allied disciplines to participate in the first component of this effort: a 4 day workshop whose goal is to develop proposals to fund synthesis working groups focused on developing long-term, comparative and synthetic understandings of the factors stimulating human migration, the conditions and processes implicated in the success of the incorporation of immigrant groups at their destination, and how these new understandings might inform contemporary public policy. CfAS is seeking to identify diverse group of about 15 researchers who have experience relevant to migration studies and who have and are willing to share data or expertise pertinent to the topic. Participants in this workshop would likely have the opportunity to participate in the working groups when they are funded.

CfAS is soliciting interest in the design workshop through a brief Request for Information (RFI) with a deadline of June 15. Details on the RFI are attached or can be found at If you have an interest in participating in this effort, please respond to the RFI by June 15. For more information on the Coalition’s activities, see also its latest newsletter.