Special Interest Group Update and Committee Vacancies

Live/work in London? CIfA London Area Group are looking for an accredited member who would be interested in being their new Treasurer ahead of their AGM next month. Treasurers are integral to the group and are key in keeping LAG's events going. A role description for Treasurer is available on their webpage, here.


Forensic Archaeology Group's Annual General Meeting is taking place 25 September at 2pm. The group is also holding open nominations for an accredited member to be their next Treasurer and members to join as Committee Members. Information about these can be found on their webpage, here. Last date for nominations is 21 September.


OsteoSIG has open nominations for more Committee Members ahead of their AGM on the 29 September. Information about how to join the group committee can be found on their webpage


CIfA Scottish Group are holding open nominations for their next Chair, Treasurer and have open nominations for some Committee Members. If you would be interested in joining the Scottish Group Committee, contact us via groups@archaeologists.net.


" [being on a CIfA Group Committee] allowed me to meet other members of my professional, network and find out more about the work of CIfA, not just in Scotland but around the UK. I developed new skills, but I also felt part of something useful and an active member of our profession! It really helped contextualise the role of CIfA within our wider profession"

 - Cara Jones ACIfA


With many spaces on CIfA Group Committees, now is an excellent chance to make the most of your membership and get involved! If you have any questions, you can email Meg via groups@archaeologists.net. CIfA is also hosting a room in the tea break this coming Tuesday all about how you can get involved in our 21 Area and Special Interest Groups too. If you'd like to come along, please register here for the link.