Recent consultation responses

CIfA has recently responded to Historic England consultations on The Historic Environment and Site Allocations in Local Plans: Draft Advice Note and on Greater London Archaeological Priority Area Draft Guidelines. The first of those responses was submitted jointly with ALGAO: England. Both drafts the subject of consultation are welcomed but concerns were voiced in relation to the former as to the need for more detailed advice with regard to the impact of site allocations upon heritage assets of archaeological interest (whether through an expanded or a separate advice note). In relation to the draft guidelines for APAs, CIfA welcomed the attempt to introduce more consistency in the definition and operation of APAs across Greater London, but pointed out that the effective operation of APAs depended upon resources continuing to be made available for this purpose (including providing the Greater London Archaeological Advisory Service (GLAAS) with sufficient staff and resources effectively to carry out its functions). Copies of CIfA’s responses can be found here for GLAAS and here for Historic England