Promoting accredited archaeologists to clients through great case studies

Case studies are a really good way of promoting accredited archaeologists, because they provide real world evidence of the economic and social value that can be generated, if accredited archaeologists are part of the process from the outset.

Send us an interesting case study that includes one or more of your projects illustrating the value you can bring to the construction process and we will publish it on the CIfA website*.

The deadline for your case study is Friday, 23 August a 5PM. Send you case study by email to admin [at]

The National Federation of Builders and CIfA
There may also be an opportunity to publish one or more of your case studies as an article in the National Federation of Builders Regional Review magazines or their Heritage & Traditional Building magazine.

CIfA has a great working relationship with the National Federation of Builders (NFB), the leading body representing hundreds of building contractors and house builders in England and Wales with a turnover of £500k to £500m. One of CIfA’s goals is to share knowledge with audiences in the construction and development process in order to positively influence the decisions they make in relation to the historic environment. NFB members are one of these audiences.

Here are two previous articles published by NFB featuring CIfA members.

What should you include in your case study?
Your case study should be 1,200 words max and we'll need 2 or 3 high-resolution images too. Your case study should be based on one or more of your projects that involve working closely with building contractors or house builders. You could highlight challenges you overcame and how you collaborated with others in the project team.

You could also talk about how your accreditation brings value to your client and to the historic environment as a whole. The CIfA Client Guide has lots of information that you could incorporate into your case study

Please note
*Publication of any case studies is subject to final approval by CIfA.