*PRESS RELEASE* Publication of 'Re-imagining Scottish Archaeology: structure, funding, and delivery' report

CIfA are pleased to announce the publication of the report summarising the workshop series entitled ‘Re-imagining Scottish Archaeology: structure, funding, and delivery’ that took place in Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow in November and December 2019. Historic Environment Scotland (HES) awarded CIfA a grant to organise and run the workshops on behalf of the Scottish Archaeology Strategy Committee (SSAC) with the support of the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers (ALGAO) and the Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers (FAME). These workshops were to support the ‘Delivering Archaeology’ Aim of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy. We’re mindful that the 2019 workshops took place before the Covid-19 pandemic and the landscape may look very different now as a result; however, the Institute views the report and the recommendations presented as only the beginning of these important conversations. Over 70 delegates from across Scotland representing 33 organisations came together to take part in the workshops and we look forward to being involved in further discussions in the future. We will work with SSAC, HES, ALGAO, FAME and other organisations in delivering the recommendations highlighted, whilst considering any additional actions that may be required in response to the new challenges we now face. Please read the full press release here.  Further details about the project and supporting documentation can be found here