A new committee for equality, diversity and inclusion

In The Archaeologist 112 (page 24) we reported on the priority tasks being undertaken by the Equality and Diversity Steering Group appointed by the Board of Directors.  One of these tasks has been to look at future arrangements for equality and diversity advice to the CIfA Board of Directors.

In April, the Steering Group made a recommendation to the Board that a new standing committee for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) should be added to the CIfA governance structure. This recommendation was made following consultation with CIfA’s existing Equality and Diversity Group committee. It reflects our recognition that EDI is not a special interest, but essential for all archaeologists and will be embedded, through the new Strategic Plan, into the business plan of the Institute.


The purpose of the EDI committee will be to support the Board of Directors in delivering its strategy for equality, diversity and inclusion. The committee will also be expected to deliver at least one event per year relevant to the EDI strategy and/or policy, potentially in collaboration with other organisations.

Alongside the committee, the Board will also look to commission external advice in the form of paid-for expertise from suitably qualified professionals. This will be on an ad hoc basis as needed, driven primarily by the Business Plan and specific issues identified by the Board or EDI committee. External expert advice will be required where it is important to ensure good practice is being followed, where it is important to demonstrate that independent advice or action has been taken, and where it would not be reasonable to expect a voluntary committee to have the necessary expertise.

Appointing the committee

Committee members will be appointed by the Board of Directors in November as is the process for the Validation, Registered Organisation and Degree Accreditation committees.

Committee members will be asked to submit a personal statement to demonstrate both their interest and experience regarding EDI issues in line with the requirements in the new EDI committee regulations.

The key difference to the other Board committees is the number of committee members. This is set at a maximum of six individuals, including the Board ED&I Champion. 

If you are interested in volunteering for the committee please see committee page on the website or email alex.llewellyn@archaeologists.net for more details.

Once the EDI committee has been appointed the current Equality and Diversity Group will be dissolved as agreed by the Group membership at their AGM last April. The Board and CIfA staff would like to thank the committee members of the Group, both past and present, for all the important work and awareness raising they have carried out since the Group was established in October 2015.