The Industry Working Group

The Industry working group was originally set up to look at pay across the sector but has since evolved to become a forum for wider discussion, with a remit to collect and share information about matters affecting the industry. Originally formed from representatives of CIfA, FAME and Prospect members now include ALGAO, BAJR, Prospect Archaeology Branch and CIfA Diggers’ Forum. The meetings (four per year) represent an opportunity for a small group to work together to make a real difference, identifying actions that each can take to change things, rather than dividing on traditional lines.

Working together the group can confront difficult issues, some of which are structural. Each organisation recognises that the way archaeology is currently structured isn’t ideal and the aim is to identify common ground and potential solutions. There is also a need to identify and articulate what actions each organisation can take and those which, for reasons of constitution, remit or resource, they can’t. Some actions can affect the sector in the short term whilst other areas of interest may be more long term and aspirational.

Regular agenda items include the stability of the market and the setting of minimum salary recommendations by CIfA as a benchmark that members and Registered Organisations must endeavour to meet or exceed. See the current salary recommendations. Other matters that have been discussed are construction site access for archaeologists, training opportunities for early career archaeologists, diversifying the profession and equality, bullying and harassment.

More recently joint working on Brexit and immigration has helped influence recommendations to include archaeology in the Shortage Occupations List.

The group has produced a number of joint statements and commitments including:

The group is strengthened by the different remits of the three original comprising organisations being brought together to work towards industry wide solutions to long-standing barriers to better pay, conditions and professional recognition for the sector.

You can find out more about the Industry Working Group on our CIfA and pay page.