IfA, FAME and Prospect joint statement on pay

Institute for Archaeologists (IfA), Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers (FAME) and Prospect have been working together as part of a wider remuneration working group convened by IfA to consider how best to facilitate an industry approach to improving pay and conditions. Following on from presentations made by all three organisations at an Open Forum meeting at the IfA Conference in 2013, a joint statement has been agreed committing each organisation to working together to address the issues. In support of this joint statement, IfA has also issued an Action plan 2014-2016 (see below) detailing specific actions which it will undertake over the next two years in support of the joint statement.

In a move towards an industry wide approach, the IfA convened working party is being disbanded and a new ‘industry owned’ group will be formed. This will initially comprise representatives of the three organisations but may be expanded to bring in other members with an interest or expertise in improving pay and conditions for archaeologists.