Graphics Archaeology Group 2020 Conference display: expressions of interst

For this year’s Graphic Archaeology Group’s digital display at the CIfA Conference in Bath, we would really love to emphasise how important good illustration and imaging is to our profession and the skills and the processes that are involved in it.

With this in mind we would like to create a display based on case studies that follow the creative and interpretive process. We wish to demonstrate how we take the information given to us initially and use our specialised skills and expertise to create clear, informative and beautiful illustrations that greatly enhance the understanding and communication of the archaeological data found. Case studies should show how complex data or ideas can be presented for final publication/dissemination; examples might be 3D modeling or photogrammetry (we welcome video content); reconstruction drawings from raw plan stage to completion; or the process of drawing a highly fragmented object.

We are asking for expressions of interest in displaying one of your case studies. If you are selected, we will then ask for material to put our display together, which would involve a series of images and a small amount of text about how you created your work.

Please email your expression of interest to Fiona at by 24 February 2020.

To find out more about the Graphics Group please see their webpage.