Curating the Palaeolithic project documents: consultation open

We're pleased to announce that the Curating the Palaeolithic project documents are now available for consultation at: The project was funded by Historic England and undertaken by Reading University.

The documents cover the English Palaeolithic (c. 1mya–11.6kya) in its Pleistocene and development context.

The guidance explains the importance of the English Palaeolithic record, with reference to:

- the nature and extent of geological (Pleistocene) deposits;
- the distribution and character of archaeological and palaeoenvironmental
- and best practices for their effective and appropriate curation.

This is illustrated through the use of site-specific case studies from the South East, South West, West Midlands, the North, East Midlands and East Anglia. These are intended to be concise rather than exhaustive.

The methodologies outlined in the guidance and the case studies are illustrative of the range of options that are available. They are not intended to be a comprehensive list of all available approaches. It is essential that contractors consult with Palaeolithic/Pleistocene specialists.

We would be interested to hear from curators (i.e. local authority archaeologists and those working as advisors to Planning Authorities; HER Officers); consultants; archaeological units; developers; science advisors; and Palaeolithic and Pleistocene specialists.

The documents were revised in light of the feedback received at the four project workshops held in Autumn 2018, and we now invite further feedback on all aspects of the guidance. Feedback can be submited to the projet email address ( the deadline for feedback is 30th April 2020.