CIfA2019: Call for papers

Archaeology: values, benefits, and legacies

CIfA2019 Annual conference and training event

24 ‐ 26 April 2019, Leeds

Hosted at the Royal Armouries Museum, our 2019 annual conference event will be packed with sessions, training and networking opportunities.

Our usual three-day conference programme includes papers, seminars and activities that aim to provide a forum for delegates to discuss and explore ideas around social value, public benefit, and the creation of knowledge.

It offers the opportunity to think about legacy and how the work we undertake now will impact on future generations – from inspiring future careers to learning lessons from our failures. We will also consider how a multitude of stakeholders - archaeologists, policy makers, clients, the public - value our discipline: financially, politically and intellectually and think about how effective we are in communicating that value through the stories we tell.

Call for Papers

We are now calling for papers from individuals, groups or organisations for the sessions set out in our draft programme.

To submit a proposal for a paper
• email the session organisers with the title of your paper and an abstract of up to 150 words.
• make sure you include your name and contact details in your submission

The deadline for the submission of papers is 1 December 2018

Confirmed sessions and CPD workshops include

  • Communicating the values of archaeologists to detectorists and embedding metal detecting into professional practice
  • Offshore development: creating a legacy for marine archaeology
  • Whose archaeology is it anyway? Engagement with archives beyond the dig
  • A month in the country? The value of heritage for wellbeing and social prescription
  • Archaeological geophysics: why do we do it? is it done well? does it matter?!
  • An archaeological inspiration: inspiring creative responses to understanding the past and shaping the future
  • How can we improve the legacies of archaeological community engagement in place making?
  • If at first you don’t succeed … embrace and share the failures
  • Adapting to climate change – how do we create a positive legacy?
  • Public benefit, social value, impact, legacy…
  • Early career researchers in archaeology and networking event
  • Photography and its applications in cultural heritage
  • Ethics workshop

The conference is sponsored by Towergate Insurance

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