CIfA wishes all the best for the future for ICON Chief Execitive

It was announced yesterday that Alison Richmond is to step down as Chief Executive of ICON (Institute of Conservation) later this year.

CIfA have worked closely with ICON over the period of Alison's leadership since 2005, and have found her cooperative style of management and cross-sector engagement to be a rare, but enormously effective and positive approach to working. She has been a key ally in CIfA's political work and on a variety of professional issues, and CIfA is sad to lose her as a prominent friend and ally in the wider historic environment sector.

In a press release Alison said;

"I am very sad about leaving Icon but I feel it is a good time to leave. We are in very good shape. We have a fantastic team, demonstrated only last week by the huge effort made by everyone together to move our office efficiently and smoothly. We also have a great bunch of Trustees who are really engaged and have so much to offer, and under Siobhan's leadership, they are really leading the profession. We have a strategy and an action plan that are already bringing the various parts of Icon together to work in harmony. I have absolutely no doubt that Icon will go from strength to strength.

I have been closely involved in Icon since 2005, first as a founding Trustee and then as CE. It has been a privilege to lead this wonderful organisation. But I am not leaving altogether! I intend to participate in the new Emeritus ACR mentoring and volunteering opportunities. I will also be seeking out trustee roles in other heritage and social welfare bodies where I will continue to advocate for conservation and for Icon."

Icon's Trustees are working on the succession programme and will be advertising for a new Chief Executive in the coming weeks.

In response, CIfA's Chief Executive Peter Hinton said;

"Icon is a much-respected partner of CIfA, and Alison has done much during her period of leadership to bring the two institutes closer together. She has been a superb colleague and has provided much corporate and personal support. I wish her all the best for the future, but hope she recognises that even a step of this magnitude will not stem the requests for support and advice to CIfA, which will continue to outweigh any reciprocal help we can offer."

CIfA wishes Alison all the best for the future and looks forward to working with her in her new role.

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