CIfA statement on diversity in sessions at the CIfA Conference

On Thursday at CIfA’s conference, a photograph was circulated showing an all-male panel in the session on Professional standards and ethics: making a world of difference. Although there is additional context which the photo does not show, we regret that this has occurred. There is no excuse. CIfA apologises for this lack of diversity.

The session was organised by inviting institutions to take part, rather than individuals, and so CIfA was not directly responsible for the selection of representatives, but we accept responsibility for allowing the panel to proceed in this form. The issues of the representation of diversity in archaeology formed an important element of the discussion of the issues professional archaeologists need to address. CIfA’s Hon. Chair, Jan Wills, chairing the session, committed CIfA to implementing processes to ensure that diversity is a factor that is considered when designing events like this, and more broadly reviewing CIfA organisation and practice.

Together, CIfA staff will work with the Equality and Diversity Group to implement best practice for conference diversity and accessibility. It is our aim that this incorporates and builds on existing guidance and the work of several groups both within the heritage sector and other disciplines and professions. We will expedite this process to ensure that scrutiny of diversity, equality and accessibility are structurally embedded in our future conferences.

Pete Hinton, Chief Executive
Jan Wills, Hon. Chair

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