CIfA continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak

From tomorrow (Wednesday 18 March) CIfA staff in the UK will be working remotely until further notice. We have access to video-conferencing facilities so will be facilitating any necessary meetings online and will send details out with meeting invitations as necessary.

If you need to contact staff, please email us in the first instance using the following details

As has been announced, all CIfA UK events have been postponed – for how long is not yet known.

CIfA staff will do their best to keep a flow of information about CIfA and about the impact of COVID-19 on archaeology on our website, and for the latter we welcome any information you can provide. We know this impact will be severe, and within the scope of our remit and resources we wish to support our members and Registered Organisations as best we can; please let us know what we could do for you.