CIfA calls for safe and respectful environment for all archaeologists

The Chartered Institute was shocked to hear about the behaviour of a few individuals in the audience at the CBA’s Marsh Award ceremony in response to the award presented to Danielle Bradford for her research into sexual misconduct in fieldwork.

The organisers have not yet been able to identify the individuals involved. If they are CIfA accredited, they are bound by our ethical Code of conduct, and there is a formal professional conduct process for the Institute to follow.  If not, there is no formal route for CIfA to act but we would like to take this opportunity to call on all archaeologists to work together to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all.  We applaud Danielle Bradford for her work on sexual misconduct in fieldwork and are committed to working with our sector partners to address the problems of bullying, harassment and discrimination, as outlined in our joint statement with FAME and Prospect  CIfA’s Code of conduct and policy statements set out the high standards of ethical and responsible behaviour required of professional archaeologists and we will continue to use our endeavours to ensure that all archaeologists work in accordance with these principles.