Chartered Archaeologists: A Consultation - Glasgow EAA

Chartered Archaeologist consultation workshop

At the launch of the Chartered Institute or Archaeologists last December, we announced our intention to start consulting members and the sector on the desirability of amending the Charter in future to allow us to confer Chartered status on individual members. In order to start the discussion, we will be holding a series of workshops across the UK over the autumn and winter and you are cordially invited to the first of these, which will be held as an umbrella workshop event at the EAA conference in Glasgow on 1 September from 2-5pm.

The workshop is FREE to attend but delegates will need to book in via the following link

Please feel free to publicise the workshop to your staff/colleagues, we want to ensure that as many people as possible (members and non-members alike) take part in the debate. Event programme and further details are available on the Eventbrite page (link above).