Chartered Archaeologist proposal published

After four years of research and consultation, we have published the proposal for a Chartered Archaeologist grade of accreditation. We will be asking accredited members (PCIfA, ACIfA, MCIfA and Hon MCIfA) to vote on a resolution to allow us to amend our Charter by-law to introduce Chartered Archaeologist at an EGM at the CIfA Conference on 26 April 2019. Online voting in advance of the EGM will be available for accredited members who cannot attend and we will inform you when the voting is open. The vote itself will be on a change to the Charter by-law but to help members make their decision, we are publishing the proposed assessment framework and criteria now. Draft supporting regulations will be circulated with the EGM papers.

Further information about the development of the proposal and Frequently Asked Questions can be found on our website at In the run-up to an EGM, we will be promoting the proposal through a series of events and online discussions and answering your questions. You can also contact us directly by email to chartered [at] or by using the hashtag #ChartArch.

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