Britannia Archaeology - Aylsham Roman Project 2019

The Aylsham Roman Project is a community-orientated organisation. The aim is to explore and preserve the history of the recently uncovered Roman settlement, involving the local community at every possible stage, whilst also maintaining a professional approach both to the excavation of the site and the publication of the findings. They also aim to make the entire process accessible to members of the public, who might not have had any previous experience in heritage or archaeology.

This year the project has opened three excavation areas all dealing with entirely different archaeology. There is also an area for children to help with test pitting exercises and sieving to allow for maximum finds retrieval. There is a finds processing tent where all finds recovered are processed daily allowing viewing to both the public and the specialists involved. Finally there is refreshments tent with tea, coffee and cold drinks and a selection of food.

The site forms part of a rich archaeological landscape. Over the last 3 years we have uncovered two well preserved Roman Kilns, multiple enclosure ditches, posted structures, Saxo Norman enclosures and much more. A logical and professional approach is used for selecting excavation areas and the volunteers are involved at almost every stage.

Address of the project and dig:

Woodgate Nursery
Cawston Rd, Aylsham NR11 6UH

Opening times

9am – 3.30pm

Entrance is free if you want to view the site and walk the area

If you would like to dig then there is a cost of £10 per day for adults and £5 per child under 16.

Those who become Friends of ARP will be able to participate in the three weeks for £40 per adult and £10 per child under 16. Please note, all children must be accompanied at all times.
The project is open W/B 5th/12th/19th August –Mondays to Fridays

All tools are provided but tools are also available to purchase if you would like your own.

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