BAA 2014 winners - high profile for IfA members and Registered Organisations

This week started with the British Archaeological Awards 2014 - a sector wide celebration of archaeology and archaeologists. The awards provide an opportunity for us to put the spotlight on some exceptional work - including some brilliant examples of engagement, innovation, public presentation as well as best archaeological book and best archaeological project. The diversity of the finalists was a fantastic endorsement of the passion and creativity of British archaeologists, and demonstrated that great projects are happening all over the country - from the most northern coastlines to the biggest cities.

The awards were presented by Loyd Grossman (Chair of Heritage Alliance), with a drop-in from Ed Vaizey MP (Minister for Culture and Digital Industries) and an appearance from Dan Snow (CBA President) to present the lifetime achievement award to archaeologist Beatrice di Cardi.

Ed Vaizey was pleased to be able to make an appearance at the awards, highlighting the power of archaeology to engage the public, and celebrating archaeology as a 'living discipline - allowing the people of the past to speak'.

We are happy to report that a number of IfA members and Registered Organisations were recognised for their high quality and far reaching works - finalists included Centre for Applied Archaeology, Oxford Archaeology East, Clywd-Powys Archaeological trust, Dyfed Archaeological Trust, Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, York Archaeological Trust - with many individual members included under those organisations banners. Well done to all!

Winners of Best Archaeological Project - MOLA
The winner of the Best Archaeological Project was Bloomberg London, Museum of London Archaeology, which was received by Sadie Watson (MIfA), a member of IfA's Council and Committee member for Diggers' Forum. MOLA (a Registered Organisation) undertook the work at Bloomberg Place, a three acre site in the heart of the Roman City of London and home to the Temple of Mithras, excavating seven metres of archaeology and revealing 10,000 finds covering the entire period of the Roman occupation of Britain, from the 40s AD to the early 5th century.

The full list of winners can be found below - and IfA would like to convey our congratulations to all the finalists and winners at BAA 2014!

The 2014 Awards were presented to:

BEST ARCHAEOLOGICAL PROJECT - Bloomberg London, (MOLA) Museum of London Archaeology


BEST ARCHAEOLOGICAL BOOK - Interpreting the English Village, Mick Aston and Chris Gerrard, Windgather Press, published by Oxbow Books

BEST PUBLIC PRESENTATION OF ARCHAEOLOGY - New Secrets of the Terracotta Warriors, A Lion Television and Medialab co-production for Channel 4

BEST ARCHAEOLOGICAL INNOVATION - The SCAPE Trust with WildKnowledge / ShoreUPDATE (Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk Project), Sites at Risk Map web portal and app

For more information about the awards and the winners, you can visit the BAA Awards website at