Archaeology and construction: good practice guidance

Archaeology is a necessary and positive element of many construction projects, and the successful management of archaeology as part of construction is integral to sustainable development.

This guide shows how combined construction and archaeological processes can be managed by an integrated, multi-disciplinary team working to common goals, to generate products and outcomes that deliver significant commercial, sustainability and public value. It offers practical advice applicable to all scales of construction project and relevant to all stages in the construction and development life cycle.

We’re very pleased that this publication, jointly authored by Taryn Nixon Heritage Works, MOLA and CIfA is now available. It emphasises the public and commercial benefits that archaeology brings, adding value to business and society, and explains how those benefits can be achieved by working with CIfA-accredited archaeologists and Registered Organisations. We are very grateful to our project partners, and to all the archaeologists who contributed their advice, insights and case studies via the CIRIA project steering group.

The guide can be ordered from the CIRIA website bookshop.