'An Archaeologist's view on consortiums' report out now

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The Diggers' Forum has produced a report 'An Archaeologist's view on consortiums' in response to the TAG2019 session which looked at how modern practice has been shaped by the enviroments archaeologists work in. The report follows a survey organised by the Diggers Forum which examined how fieldwork is changing due to external pressures, with a focus on joint ventures/consortium working. The report examines and discusses the survey results in full, including differing pay and conditions between core company staff and those employed on contract for consortium specific projects and betweeen the companies that make up the consortiums. the report also picks up on and explores issues surronding excavation and recording methods, training opportunities and project feedback.

You can read the full report here (PDF). There is also a summary of the report available to read here (PDF). 

The survey did not ask for either the participants name or that of their employer, where these were given they have been removed to maintain anonymity.

The Diggers' Forum is a CIfA group and provides a forum for all archaeological staff who work out on site. To see their current activities please see the group's webpage, here. You can also register for their upcoming AGM (evening of the 19 May) here.

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