AGM update: Chartered Archaeologist motion

CIfA held its Annual General Meeting on Friday 27 October, and the members of the Chartered Institute passed a resolution on continuing work to develop framework proposals for individual Chartered Archaeologist status.

In advance of the meeting, and via a petition presented to it, some members expressed concern about the proposals, and in particular about the absence of opportunity for those unable to attend the AGM to vote on them. These concerns had already been recognised by the Board of Directors and at the AGM the Board provided a statement that it would review voting procedures, consult the membership on options for change, and implement the results of this consultation before any future general meetings. The Board also committed to maintain an inclusive programme of consultation on the developing framework for Chartered Archaeologist and to encourage members to engage with future consultation events and surveys in greater numbers than to date.

The full update can be read here.

CIfA are already seeking to develop substantive plans for the fulfillment of the commitments made and are consulting with petitioners on consultation on the Chartered Archaeologists proposals and on seeking greater participation in decision making. The outcomes of these discussions will be published in due course.

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